SPF/SE 365 Perpetual
for Ten PCs.

SPF/SE 365 Perpetual<br> for Ten PCs.
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    For Win-10, Win-8, Win-7, and Win-Vista.

    Ten Software Licenses for ten PCs.

    You will receive free upgrades including major version upgrades.

    Graphic Edition provides a native mode Windows style interface with a Windows menu bar as the primary method of access. Windows modal dialogs are presented for all interaction, except File List and Edit which have an SPF style interface with a primary command field.

    Standard Edition provides a character mode 3270 style interface with Option Menus as the primary method of access. A primary command field is provided in all Option Menus, Dialogs, File List and Edit. GUI elements such as buttons, combo boxes, and scroll bars are also supported. A Windows style main menu bar is optional.

    You get both Editions.